Tesla CEO Elon Musk made big waves when he hosted Saturday Night Live in May. The show just released its schedule of hosts for October, and, while Musk isn't coming back for a repeat performance, three Fool.com contributors have some other ideas for celebrity CEOs they'd like to see on stage.

In this video from "The 5" on Motley Fool Live, recorded on Sept. 23, Brian Withers, Toby Bordelon, and Demitri Kalogeropoulos share who they'd like to see host Saturday Night Live.


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Brian Withers: Saturday Night Live released their host schedule for October. Elon Musk is not on the show. I know everybody is disappointed, but I figured we would talk about who might be a good CEO we'd love to see host Saturday Night Live. Toby, I am not going to have you go first. [laughs] Demitri, [laughs] who would you have?

Demitri Kalogeropoulos: Sure. I got to go with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. I think that would be a great host. He could show off his humorous side. A lot of hosts are always promoting something else, so I think he'd have plenty of things to promote on there. He could wear the new glasses that Facebook is launching with Ray-Ban this past week. They could have some skits on the Oculus, do some VR gaming. I think there would be a big opportunity for him to make a lot of new fans. Facebook's only got 3 billion monthly active users. It's got some room to grow from there.

Withers: I imagine the Saturday Night Live cast would have a blast for Zuckerberg on the show. Toby, who are you picking?

Toby Bordelon: I'd go with John Legere. He's technically not a CEO, former CEO of T-Mobile. But I think it'd be great. I think that man is awesome, and I would love to [laughs] see him on there. But he's not technically a CEO. I'll give you more just for fun. I would've loved to see Kent Taylor, who's the former CEO of Texas Roadhouse, host Saturday Night Live before he died. That was a missed opportunity. I think we're all worse off for that not having happened. He did speak at a Fool event. Brian, were you there? Do you remember him?

Withers: I think I was.

Bordelon: I think you were there. He may have been the most hilarious CEO we ever had at a Fool event. It was fantastic. Just that experience, that interview, which I think Chris Hill did on the main stage, is what kills me. I would have loved to see him on Saturday Night Live. But my actual CEO, the one who is still alive and really a CEO right now, although CEO of subsidiary, [laughs] I guess, [Whole Foods CEO] John Mackey. I think, would be good. Although you've heard him at Fool events, Brian. You'd want to have the sensors on high alert [laughs] if he came on. Saturday Night Live is still technically a network show. That could go either way. You'd have to be on your toes.

Withers: There we go. That's a great trio. I was thinking we just did a deep dive on Chewy. I think, having CEO Sumit Singh on, there's a bunch of material that you could have with the crazy pet owners and their pets. Certainly, you could have a little bit of fun with the CEO. But the one that I'm putting forward to see if Saturday Night Live will actually pick up is Eric Yuan from Zoom. There are so many Zoom jokes he could make. He's such a neat guy and humble and cares so much about the company. I think he'd have a blast with it.