Investing through the ups and downs inherent in the market can be mentally grueling. Hobbies and recreation are key to keeping a level head, especially in times of market volatility. In this Motley Fool Live video segment from The Five recorded on Oct. 1, contributors Jason Hall, Jon Quast, and Nicholas Rossolillo talk about activities that help them stay mentally balanced when investing.

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Jason Hall: Wanted us to think about, we talked about this in our pre-planning. Something that we are going to try to do over the weekend or something we try to do regularly, that has nothing to do with investing our money except maybe spending some of it. I'll kick us off here.

We've just moved and we're still going to be in a hotel room for another two weeks plus as we do some work on the house that we bought, but The Topsfield Fair kicks off today actually. I think today was the first thing goes on for a couple of weeks. It's one of the biggest fairs in the US. I think their top year was 2018 or 2019. They drew like a half million people. It gets a ton of people. They have one of those big pumpkin contests, like when you grow the biggest pumpkins and that kind of thing. We're going to do a family trip to the fair probably on Sunday. It's a good chance just participate in full-on American consumerism at its finest. I'm really looking forward to that. Nick, you want to go next here?

Nicholas Rossolillo: Sure. I'll probably do a couple of runs this weekend. My activity level exercise-wise, really suffered last year for obvious reason. My wife is a runner. She got me running early this year, which I've always said like, I don't mind running but there has to be a ball involved. [laughs] I started and I became a runner earlier this year. Exercise though is so important. I think mental health and well-being is inseparable from, you don't have to be an athlete but just staying in reasonably good shape and getting some movement in every day is just absolutely invaluable.

Hall: Your brain rewards you too, it does. Gives you those happy hormones when you do that too. You'll spend a hell of a lot less of your retirement money at the doctor if you take care of this physical form early. Jon, what about you?

Jon Quast: Yes, it's interesting that you guys mentioned that because the question was to stay sane. During the week, I do try to exercise every morning before I start work because this is a very sedentary behind-the-desk job. We've got a five days of jogging this week, I'm really happy with that. It does put you in that positive mindset that like you said, the happy hormones. It is so important to your mental health. Mental health is health.

On the weekends we were joking though because I do have housework to do. I got the grass to moor tomorrow, so I'm not doing exactly what I want to do. But my family, we moved down here to this part of Florida because there's 100s of springs around here. We really like to get outdoors every chance that we can on weekends. We like to go visit a spring, just be out there in nature. If there's a grill even better, bring some hamburgers, grill out, and just enjoy the great outdoors. That keeps me sane when I can do it.

Hall: Absolutely love it.