Suits, sawdust and seasonality will color in the week that lies ahead.

The new trading week kicks off with Pre-Paid Legal (NYSE:PPD) entering its plea to be appreciated. If it has to be guilty of anything, the legal assistance services provider wouldn't mind being guilty of beating its fourth-quarter profit targets.

Strap on the orange apron for Motley Fool Inside Value pick Home Depot's (NYSE:HD) report. The leading home-improvement superstore chain has been riding the building boom, but don't expect the retailer to fall out of favor just because high rates and the tenuous affordability index are affecting the housing market. The do-it-yourself giant has proven over the years that it's not really a cyclical company. Even during housing lulls, folks just stick around and fix their own homesteads. So expect steady results out of Home Depot, and go ahead and place bets on whether the first, second, or third analyst who calls in will have a question about its intentions in China.

Now that Viacom (NYSE:VIA) has spun off its CBS (NYSE:CBS) division, will shareholders come back? Wednesday marks Viacom's first report since splitting itself in two. In divvying up its assets, the media giant was hoping investors would value it more for its individual parts than its sum. The conference call should be enlightening, because this will be the company's first chance to focus only on its higher-growth Viacom division.

H&R Block (NYSE:HRB) will be filing on Thursday, but try not to read too much into the December-quarter financials. The company's outlook for the upcoming tax season -- its real bread and butter -- will be the real info worth heeding. Even though the company has spent the past few years working on its seasonality by becoming a player in the mortgage business, those originations are likely to slow down with any slide in the housing market. That means it's all about tax time for H&R Block these days.

Let's hope it isn't a citizen's arrest for Citizens Communications (NYSE:CZN). The phone and DSL service provider closes out the week with its quarterly report, and analysts aren't looking for much. They expect profits to dip from last year's $0.15 a share to $0.14 per share this time around. The real allure to Citizens has been its meaty dividends. The stock yields 7.8% and was singled out in 2004 for Motley Fool Income Investor newsletter subscribers. Does it worry the company that it pays out more in distributions than it is presently earning? We'll find out what the company thinks on Friday.

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