Yesterday, I used the new CAPS screening tool to dig up some of the CAPS community's favorite dividend payers. As I cautioned at the time, even though most of the stock market's gains come from dividends, high yields aren't all gumdrops and rainbows. Fools who want to avoid dividend implosions also need to make sure a company is healthy enough to support a large dividend.

With that in mind, I used our new CAPS screening tool to find out which dividend payers CAPS players are most skeptical of. Below are 10 companies with dividend yields of 4% or more.

They also have:

  • Market caps greater than $1 billion.
  • One-star ratings, the lowest possible, from our CAPS community.

Remember, in the first year for which we have data, one-star companies flamed out with an average loss of nearly 17%.


Share Price


Market Cap

Bear Stearns (NYSE: BSC)



$1.8 billion

Daimler AG


Consumer goods

$80.5 billion

Fannie Mae (NYSE: FNM)



$29.4 billion

Fifth Third Bancorp (Nasdaq: FITB)



$11.7 billion

Fortress Investment



$1.4 billion

General Motors (NYSE: GM)


Consumer goods

$12.4 billion



Industrial goods

$2.1 billion




$2.5 billion

The New York Times (NYSE: NYT)



$2.9 billion

Warner Music Group



$1.3 billion

Data from Motley Fool CAPS and Yahoo! Finance as of April 28.

Are these dividend duds? Or are they simply misunderstood? Come and join us on Motley Fool CAPS to let us know what you think. Our 100,000-strong (and counting) CAPS community wants to hear your opinion.

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Ilan Moscovitz's gelato screen turned up strawberry and mango, both of which flavors he eagerly awaits. He doesn't own any of the companies mentioned in this article. The Fool's disclosure policy is always on the menu.