I love to kick off the new trading week by taking a quick peek at companies that have just raised their dividends. A company that's easing up on its pocketbook probably has improving fundamentals to back up that generosity. Readers of the Income Investor newsletter service can appreciate that kind of thinking.

Let's look at four of the companies that inched their payouts higher over the past week.

We'll start with Heinz (NYSE:HNZ). The ketchup king's signature condiment bottles may pour slowly, but yield chasers have a funny way of being rewarded in a hurry. Heinz is giving its quarterly dividend a 9% boost to $0.415 a share.

Shareholders must have seen this coming. Heinz upped the ante by 9% last year and 17% the year before that. That consistent commitment to rewarding investors has made Heinz a natural Income Investor recommendation.

Good grief, Greif (NYSE:GEF). The industrial-packaging specialist will be stuffing $0.38 a share into its quarterly distribution checks now, a healthy advance from the $0.28 it was paying just three months ago.

FedEx (NYSE:FDX) is showing its shareowners more love than it's giving its dismantled Kinko's brand. Investors will now be receiving $0.11 a share every quarter, after the delivery giant's board bumped the payout higher by 10%. If those shareholders aren't home to receive the checks, will a note be placed on their doors explaining the redelivery process?

Finally, we have a little hubbub over Hubbell (NYSE:HUB-A) (NYSE:HUB-B).

The maker of electronic and electric products is beefing up its yield, with a $0.35-per- share dividend replacing its former $0.33 quarterly payout.

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