Ironically, my adversary has used a classic comic book theme to make the investing case for Marvel (NYSE:MVL). He's pulled you into an alternate universe. Let's review the two prevailing myths.

Myth No. 1: Marvel is a blockbuster machine
Sure, I understand that it's tempting to invoke the stunning performance of Spider-Man in likening Marvel to hit machine Pixar (NASDAQ:PIXR). But it isn't accurate. Check out the numbers from movie tracker Box Office Mojo:




Toy Story


Toy Story 2


A Bug's Life


Monsters Inc.


Finding Nemo


The Incredibles




* Numbers in millions








X2: X-Men United


Spider-Man 2










Blade 2


Blade: Trinity


Fantastic Four




* Numbers in millions

Got that? Marvel has made 11 comic book adaptations in recent memory, two of which have brought in more than $1.5 billion. Yet because of stinkers like Elektra, it has barely out-earned Pixar, which has made fivefewer films. Is it really any wonder that Pixar's stock trades for a premium and Marvel's is stuck in the mud?

Myth No. 2: Marvel is a cheap stock
My opponent insists that Marvel trades at a discount. My analysis using the discounted cash flow calculator available to Motley Fool Inside Value subscribers (get a risk-free trial here) says otherwise. Follow along, please.

According to Marvel's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, owner earnings for the trailing 12 months came in at $112.2 million. (Bear in mind that this total includes $7.1 million in expensed stock-based compensation.) Now factor in 97.1 million shares outstanding, a discount rate of 15% -- the minimum for a company whose earnings are so remarkably volatile -- and assumed earnings growth of 15% for the next five years, 7% for years six through 10, and 3% thereafter, and you arrive at an intrinsic value of ... $17 per share.

Marvel was trading at $18.90 per stub as I was finishing this. That may be cheap in some alternate realities, but not on this particular Earth.

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