It's almost time for the Super Bowl -- the one TV event that actually keeps folks watching between the plays. Whether you'll be tuning in to root for the Seahawks or the Steelers come Sunday, chances are you'll be talking about the outrageous halftime shows and over-the-top commercials around the water cooler on Monday morning.

Much of the popularity of Super Bowl ads dates back 22 games ago, when Apple Computer (NASDAQ:AAPL) rolled out its conceptual "1984" spot to introduce the original Macintosh. A lot has changed since then. Apple once fought tooth-and-nail with IBM (NYSE:IBM) for market supremacy, before personal computing upstarts like Motley Fool Stock Advisor pick Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) and Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ) passed them both in terms of market share. Now, despite their lost kingdoms, IBM has struck it rich on the softer side of services, while Apple has bounced back thanks to spiffy Macs and its omnipresent iPod.

Apple has come through with huge gains over the past couple of years, but will the good times continue? Not all Fools agree. Devout Mac user Tim Beyers is bullish on the company, while bearish Rich Smith thinks that this Apple has been chomped on plenty.

Does Apple Computer belong in your portfolio? That's what this week's Duel is all about.

Duel on!