Is "actionable intelligence" a sound investing strategy? Even though it sounds like a good title for a stock market book, it's actually the field of work that Verint (NASDAQ:VRNT) toils in. The company offers communication interception and analysis, along with video security and surveillance software.

It's been a growing business for Verint. Analysts expect the company to grow its bottom line by 31% to $0.34 a share on Monday, when it posts its third-quarter results.

Following up actionable intelligence with some intelligent action, Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) steps up to the plate on Tuesday. The consumer-electronics giant has thrived over the years. Whether it's satellite radios, portable music players, and now flat-screen televisions, the superstore chain always seems to be in a retail sweet spot.

The popular Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendation has clocked in ahead of Wall Street's projections in each of the first two quarters of fiscal 2007, and momentum seems to be in its favor heading into Tuesday's fiscal third-quarter report.

A name like SoftBrands (AMEX:SBN) may make you think of tissue paper or sodas. However, SoftBrands actually provides software for the manufacturing and hospitality industries. The niche hasn't been profitable for the company; it has been posting small losses over the past few quarters. On Wednesday, it's got a shot to help break that streak. If it does, SoftBrands may come to soften the market's chilly reception.

Some big names get their shot on Thursday, when Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) and Motley Fool Stock Advisor selection Costco (NASDAQ:COST) report. Will the new Windows Vista eat into Adobe's sales? Are warehouse clubs the place to be for the holidays? These are just some of the questions that the companies are likely to hear. Stay close if you want to hear the answers.

Will j2Global (NASDAQ:JCOM) post its quarterly report come Friday? If it doesn't, it will have let its filing deadline pass. The company is already under the gun, with Nasdaq compliance issues that have brought on delisting threats, so now would be a good time to make a good second impression on the market.

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