As I read the press this week from Vonage (NYSE:VG), I couldn't stop thinking of Homer Simpson's famous cry: "Why won't anyone believe my crazy story?"

As we've all heard, a judge set up an injunction barring Vonage from using intellectual property that has been found to have infringed on patents held by Verizon (NYSE:VZ). Yet Vonage management issued one of those breathless "all is well" press releases, even though its top line may soon be as thin and unsatisfying as all those annoying Vonage commercials.

News flash, folks. Vonage can't even get any love from its IPO underwriters, like Citigroup (NYSE:C). When even these congenital yes-men yell "No!", it's probably time to get out.

Well, actually, the good time to get out was long ago. Better to never have gotten in in the first place, as I told investors on numerous occasions. This bonehead outfit's idea of a business plan is simple: burn as much money as possible in a sector with zero barriers to entry.

Looking at the numbers, I say Vonage is dead, even if the patent issue gets cleared up. And there's the moral of the story. Investing in a money-burning biz run by a guy with a questionable history is a great way to lose your shirt. Vonage shareholders will be playing "skins" for a while.

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