If you need to start the new trading week with a hearty breakfast, Bob Evans (NASDAQ:BOBE) is usually quick to comply. The company behind the namesake comfort-food eateries and the slightly more upscale Mimi's Cafe -- think squash and scallop-stuffed ravioli, instead of breakfast sausage patties -- reports on Monday.

Analysts aren't exactly sunny-side-up in their forecasts. They expect profits at the restaurateur to dip to $0.37 a share in its fiscal fourth quarter after last year's $0.47-per-share showing. It's easy to see why Wall Street is skittish, given weakness in many casual dining chains lately. Let's see what Bob Evans serves up in its skillet. 

Adult entertainment specialist New Frontier (NASDAQ:NOOF) follows with its quarterly report on Tuesday. Righteous investors may not even be aware that there are publicly traded companies that profit from pornography, but I'm not here to serve as the moral police. I'm bringing up New Frontier because the company's CFO resigned last week. Analysts' questions about that departure should certainly make the conference call interesting.

It will be Shuffle Master's (NASDAQ:SHFL) turn to deal on Wednesday. The maker of automatic card shufflers and other gaming equipment has thrived with expanding casinos. However, things have slowed lately. A recent financial restatement finds the company angling to win back the market's confidence. We'll find out on Wednesday whether the company has an ace up its sleeve, though the pros expect profits to dip for the period.

Hooker Furniture
(NASDAQ:HOFT) reports on Thursday. No, this isn't the title of one of New Frontier's randy flicks. Hooker Furniture is a legitimate furniture specialist whose shares have climbed 83% (vs. the S&P 500's 56% gain) since being singled out in the Hidden Gems newsletter four summers ago. Analysts expect the company to earn $0.37 a share in its latest quarter.

The icy slopes may be melting away, but what better time to check into Vail Resorts (NYSE:MTN)? This past quarter was the company's peak snow-skiing season, and Wall Street expects earnings to climb to $1.99 a share. Bulls will hope that the ski lift can take them even higher.

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