Eggs, earnings, and education will decorate the week that lies ahead.

The new trading week may not be a calm one, but it will be a CALM one. Cal-Maine Foods (NASDAQ:CALM) -- the fresh-shelled egg giant with the soothing ticker symbol -- kicks off a light week of earnings reports. Analysts see Cal-Maine earning $1.71 a share for the quarter, but you know what they say about counting your eggs before they announce their quarterly financials.

Apollo Group
(NASDAQ:APOL) steps to the head of the class on Tuesday. The leading online educator is on a growth tear. Wall Street expects fiscal second-quarter earnings to soar 59%, to $0.65 a share. It's a lot of pressure on the company, which will already face heavy scrutiny during its conference call after a biting Citron Research report poked fingers at the company's aggressive course marketing strategies.

Your morning will start with a friend phoning you to let you know that she just won the lottery or that your favorite football team has traded away its star player. You won't believe it, of course, because you know that it's April 1.

What can you believe in? Well, you may as well have faith in quarterly reports. It's a pretty dry slate for a Wednesday. I guess companies want to make sure that they're taken seriously. However, if you're hungry for financials you will find uniform provider UniFirst (NYSE:UNF) and steel processor Worthington Industries (NYSE:WOR) serving up numbers.

A pair of S&P 500 components -- Monsanto (NYSE:MON) and Micron Technology (NYSE:MU) -- check in on Thursday. Agricultural giant Monsanto is expected to post improved profitability for the quarter, but Micron should check in with a wider deficit.

The week closes quietly, as it often does. Absent notable earnings reports from stateside companies, the local multiplex is always a good place to screen something new. Movies opening on Friday include the latest installment in Fast & Furious and the coming-of-age amusement park flick Adventureland, which was actually filmed in Pennsylvania's charming Kennywood.

Until next week, I remain,
Rick Munarriz

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