Lest you focus just on stocks that value investing legends are buying, or on how you might find 10 dividend stocks for the next decade and beyond, here's a brief recap of some of this month's more unusual financial news:

  • If S.C. Johnson wants to expand the market for RAID, it could start touting the bug spray's usefulness for a different kind of pest control. An 86-year-old grandmother in Jasper, Texas, wielded a can as she chased a burglar from her home. Perhaps the story will help S.C. Johnson get a foot in the door (no pun intended) of the lucrative home-security market.
  • Hotel outfits such as Starwood Hotels and Resorts (NYSE: HOT) and Marriott (NYSE: MAR) may want to copy an exciting new service that Holiday Inn has introduced in some of its U.K. locations: bed warmers. As Reuters explains, "If requested, a willing staff-member... will dress in an all-in-one fleece sleeper suit before slipping between the sheets" to warm up the bed for the guest.
  • We're betting Prison Break, Cool Hand Luke, and Escape From Alcatraz were big favorites on this Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) queue. An Illinois jail, facing $2 million in budget cuts, has canceled its $35-per-month Netflix subscription, along with magazine and newspaper subscriptions. As our struggling economy takes its toll on local governments, more cancellations may follow.
  • Financial institutions may want to be more careful about whose mortgage they revoke. In Massachusetts, Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) foreclosed on a couple's home, removing belongings and changing the locks -- even though the couple had actually bought the home for cash. It turned out B of A had the wrong address! 
  • Banks may also want to let more people know about payment plans and other help with difficult loans, lest their mortgage holders resort to drastic measures instead. In Tampa, a 73-year-old man reportedly resorted to robbing banks -- $600 at a time -- in order to pay his mortgage. 
  • Is there a copy editor in the house? In Chile, thousands of 50-peso coins from 2008 are in circulation -- featuring the name of the country misspelled as "Chiie."
  • Finally, insurers such as Allstate (NYSE: ALL) might want to expand the protections they offer to customers. A meteorite traveling at 220 miles per hour recently crashed through the roof of a doctors' office in Virginia. We'd love to see the look on that claims agent's face.

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