Even if the iPad's arrival has been bumped to April, a lot of things are happening in the business world this month. Plenty of companies will report their quarterly results this week, and there seems to be abundant good news to go around.

I just went over seven stocks that analysts see posting higher year-over-year results in their quarterly earnings releases this week. But I really only scratched the surface. Thankfully, far more than seven companies will likely post gains on the bottom line this week. Here are just a few more:


Latest Quarter EPS (Estimated)

Year-Ago Quarter EPS

J. Crew Group (NYSE: JCG)



Aeropostale (NYSE: ARO)



Ballard Power (Nasdaq: BLDP)



GeoEye (Nasdaq: GEOY)



Goldcorp (NYSE: GG)



National Semiconductor (NYSE: NSM)



Pall (NYSE: PLL)



Source: Yahoo! Finance.

These companies operate in vastly different industries. From a pair of collar-popping retailers to a filtration specialist, from a gold miner to an alternative-energy pioneer, a healthy cross-section of sectors serve up winners these days.

These reports will have meaty implications. The substantially improved results expected from J. Crew and Aeropostale could suggest that the malls were hopping over the holidays (and especially in January, when shoppers redeem gift cards, booking additional for the chains). And as with any good chip stock, National Semiconductor's report isn't so much about its integrated circuits as it is a rush to judgment of its many customers.

The reports won't be perfect. Many of these companies' are lucky that their latest quarters will be stacked up against the dreadful 2008 holiday quarter, when sentiment was at its worst.  

However, since so many companies have yet to turn the corner financially, this is no time to get greedy. If Wall Street gives us at least 14 companies projected to post year-over-year increases this week, I'll take it.

Which of these seven companies do you think will keep improving in 2010? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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