Well, here we are again. We Foolish investors should view investing as a lifelong endeavor. As such, a diversified portfolio is a wise (and Foolish) portfolio. With this being said, here are three additional stocks for a diversified portfolio.

Large cap
When you're looking to send money somewhere fast, it'd seem like there are a lot of options with today's technology. But the fact is that Western Union (NYSE: WU) is going to give you the best chance to get your money where it needs to go.

From Brunei to Brazil and everywhere in between, the company specializes in money transfer and payment services and has approximately 430,000 agent locations in 200 countries and territories around the globe, which gives it a competitive edge that is tough to beat. And the company is seeing brighter days ahead as well with growth in the Americas and European Union.

While they have raised guidance for the rest of 2010 (albeit modestly), it looks like the company's organizational changes are starting to pay off, and they continue to buy back shares as well, indicating that they see value at these levels. Currently trading at just 12 times free cash flow, Western Union could be the fastest way to send gains straight to your portfolio.

Mid cap
I have always been a big fan of Polo Ralph Lauren (NYSE: RL). Some could argue that I am just a golfer and golfers stereotypically like Polo, but it's more than just that. Polo is a diverse and extensive brand to say the least. In other words, it ain't just golf shirts (and there's the Georgia in me).

Ralph Lauren is one of the most recognizable names in fashion and retail the world over, and the company is responsible for brands including Lauren, Black Label, Safari, and of course, Polo. And lest you think the company is just clothes, they also push items from furniture, fabric, and wallpaper to luggage and paint (I gotta say I love the paint).

While the economy is still in a state of "who knows what in the world is next," and unemployment remains a key issue, retail has taken a shot as spending has cooled down. However, there is strength in diversity (of course) as the company is not just dependent on selling their various products in the United States. In fact, it pulled in a good chunk of revenue from outside of North America last year to the tune of about 30%, and it plans to continue the international expansion. Trading around 11.5 times free cash flow with almost $730 million net cash on the balance sheet, Polo Ralph Lauren looks like it's on sale.

Small cap
Oil has been getting a bad rap lately, it seems. The BP (NYSE: BP) spill in the Gulf has certainly turned a lot of people sour on the stuff, and drillers are getting the cold shoulder these days. But from these troubled waters comes opportunity, and Atwood Oceanics (NYSE: ATW) is it. I've been hoping to see this company in small-cap territory for a while, and now is the time to take a chance. Atwood is a driller, plain and simple. The company has nine mobile offshore drilling units to go with two semisubmersible units that are under construction.

The key here is that the company's exposure to the Gulf is minimal with only one rig actually there, so Atwood is not going to be terribly affected by any legislation or moratoriums that may or may not happen. With rigs in offshore Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia, the company has plenty of global exposure to keep the drill bits turning, and I imagine it will use this to its advantage.

Atwood is trading at 1.5 times tangible book value, which is historically low for the company. In good times, they can trade anywhere from three to five times tangible book, so I would look for Atwood's stock to rise with the price of oil.

As always, I would recommend due diligence to see if any of these stocks fit your bill; they are only ideas, after all. However, combining a global financial services company with a fashion giant and a beaten-down exploration and production company could just help you realize your destiny with diversity.

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