Origin Agritech (Nasdaq: SEED) and Partner Communications (Nasdaq: PTNR) begin a new week of earnings reports.

Origin Agritech is a Chinese supplier of hybrid crop seeds. Partner Communications, based in Israel, provides telecommunication services to its 3 million subscribers. Both companies are from faraway places, but that's not the only thing that they have in common. Origin Agritech and Partner Communications are both expected to post improved profitability.

If it's Tuesday, it must be thrifty. Dollar General (NYSE: DG) will deliver its fiscal second-quarter report. The discount retailer returned to the public markets in November after being taken private in a $7.3 billion deal back in 2007.

The recession has generally been a good time for deep discounters because they offer more bang for the buck. The pros see earnings checking in at $0.38 a share, ahead of the $0.29 a share Dollar General rang up a year earlier as a private company.

Joy Global
(Nasdaq: JOYG), which makes mining equipment, leads the handful of companies reporting on this day. It landed well ahead of the prognosticators in its previous quarter, blowing profit targets away by a whopping 49%. We'll see if it's able to stay one step ahead this time.

Krispy Kreme
(NYSE: KKD), Quiksilver (Nasdaq: ZQK), and Cooper (NYSE: COO) check in. Why are a doughnut maker, a sporty apparel retailer, and a health-care products specialist reporting their quarterly results today?

Well, it makes more sense than reporting on Friday, right?

Did I just diss Fridays? Well, it's going to be eerily quiet this week. Heading into the extended Labor Day weekend, stateside companies know that their results would fall on deaf ears because so many are heading out early.

Until next week, I remain,

Rick Munarriz

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