It's not often that you can spend money on something that will enrich your life and possibly save someone else's life. The Motley Fool has partnered with a fellow who offers us the chance to do just that.

Meet Jack Guinan, a cartoonist. (That's right -- not a stock analyst, but a cartoonist.) We're syndicating his "The Closing Bell" cartoon, which pokes fun at the stock market and its sometimes inexplicable or frustrating ways -- or our own foibles as investors. (Check it out here.) There's often a nugget of useful truth embedded in there, as well. For example:

  • One colleague says to another: "My broker recommends that I diversify my stock holdings. He says they're too highly correlated to my lack of investment knowledge."
  • A banker tells a customer: "I can offer you simple interest, but I'll have to keep your fees highly complex."

That's the first win we offer you: Check out each week's Closing Bell and get a chuckle and perhaps a little food for thought, as well.

Everybody wins
Here's the bigger win-win, though: Jack is determined to fight children's cancer in the way he knows best: by drawing cartoons. He has partnered with the folks at CureSearch for Children's Cancer. They're offering a suite of greeting cards that he designed, in order to raise funds.

I invite you to look over the selection, which includes holiday cards as well as birthday greetings, get-well cards, and more. They can even be personalized. Consider sending some to your loved ones, to reflect your interest in the stock market and also your interest in them. You can look over the selection and place your order here. (Tell your friends about this opportunity, too!)

CureSearch is a reputable organization, alternatively known as the National Childhood Cancer Foundation, rated "A" by the folks at the American Institute of Philanthropy. The Charity Navigator site notes that it spends 95% of its revenue on program work and just 2% on fundraising.

The Fool's mission is "To educate, amuse, and enrich" -- because we know that life would be rather drab with just education and enrichment. Amuse your loved ones with some of Jack Guinan's cards, and you'll be joining us in fighting one of the basest of diseases: cancers that strike children.

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