The new trading week kicks off with McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) peeling back its golden arches to give us a quarterly glimpse. The world's largest eatery coasted through the recession, as cash-strapped patrons flocked to its low-priced sandwiches and Dollar Menu specials. We'll see how the Big Mac daddy is holding up now that consumers are building up enough pocket change to upgrade their dining outings.

(NYSE: SHW) paints the market on Tuesday, but it won't be red. Wall Street sees a profit of $0.66 a share out of the paint specialist. That's not as much as it earned a year earlier, but are folks simply painting less in an improving economy, or are margins being pressured? Tuesday owns the answer.

(NYSE: LSI) and 8x8 (Nasdaq: EGHT) are some of the tech names reporting on Wednesday. The rising tide isn't lifting all of these ships. Analysts see 8x8 posting improvement on its bottom line, but LSI's profit target of $0.13 a share is less than the $0.18 it earned during the same quarter a year earlier.

Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX) and St. Jude Medical (NYSE: STJ) also check in on Wednesday with their latest financials. Java-pouring baristas and medical equipment have little in common, though Wall Street sees both companies delivering reasonable earnings growth.

reports on Thursday. It's expected to see slightly higher net income compared with last year's profits, but with the carrier losing iPhone exclusivity, investors will be anxiously looking for guidance on how the company will maintain profits going forward.

Oil magnate Chevron (NYSE: CVX) closes out the trading week with its quarterly report. Anyone who's hit the pumps lately knows that gas prices are climbing. Rising crude prices are typically sweet news for Chevron. We'll see what it spits out of the nozzle on Friday.

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