You asked for it, Domino's (NYSE: DPZ).

In a brazen strategy that either underestimates the power of the Internet's democratization or overestimates the quality of its new chicken lines, Domino's is getting roughed up in cyberspace.

"You wanted better chicken, and we listened," goes the scribbling on its boxes for its new wings and boneless chicken.

"Did we get it right? Tweet what you think with #DPZChicken, or tell us at"

Uh-oh. Did Domino's just arm jaded pizza eaters with a mandate and a hashtag? It did -- and it's not pretty.

Roughly half of the entries posted so far with the #DPZChicken tag aren't very flattering. Here's a sample of some of the negative responses:

  • never again...not impressed!
  • still taste the same to me, horrible
  • Wow. $6 for 8 slightly larger than normal chicken nuggets? Passing on #DPZChicken next time, Domino's.
  • All of the chicken you loved from Dominos Chicken Kickers without any of the FLAVOR.


Double ouch for wedging its stock's ticker symbol into the hashtag!

Seeing all of the negative comments almost held me back from trying the poultry last night. Yes, even the homepage is promoting the Twitter feed.

"See what people are saying about our chicken," reads the landing page teaser.

It's not pretty. I went ahead and ordered a pair of the eight-piece boneless chicken. The taste was ho-hum, and some of the pieces were roughly the size of a quarter! If I'm paying $5.99 for eight boneless wings, I expect more than popcorn chicken.

Unlike the saucy boneless wings available through rivals Papa John's (NYSE: PZZA) and Yum! Brands (NYSE: YUM) WingStreet, Domino's only offers the limited sauce choices as dipping cups on the side. I know you're not here for a food critique, but a couple of the pieces were also surprisingly fatty.

I've usually been a fan of when Domino's pushes the envelope. The online pizza tracker it rolled out three years ago was brilliant.

Papa John's beat it to a Facebook app. Pizza Hut and Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG) beat it to mobile ordering. However, it was Domino's that was ahead of its time by allowing hungry couch potatoes to order through their TiVo boxes whenever a televised ad came on.

I'm sure that Domino's thought it was being all edgy and Web 2.0 with this stunt, but its cockiness is backfiring this time. Like one of the Lilliputian nuggets delivered to me last night, maybe this time it would have paid off for Domino's to be a little chicken.

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