Today, analyst Joel South will discuss Wednesday's Senate committee hearing on natural gas and transportation as well as obstacles that need to be overcome. Dr. Michael Gallagher, advisor and former president of Westport Energy, addressed the Senate committee and explained the issue with natural gas transportation and infrastructure build-out. Proponents of natural gas vehicles see being on an equal competitive footing with electric and gas/diesel vehicles is essential if NGV's are to become ubiquitous. With only 1,000 fueling stations in the United States, 50% open for public use, headwinds are strong, but with the largest glut of natural gas of all time, progress will continue. Check out the video below for more details.

Natural-gas-powered vehicles could be a huge win for energy independence in the United States, but there are other developments in the works that could revolutionize our lives and world we live in. Here at The Motley Fool we have dissected the next big tech up-and-comer. Check out our free video report: "3 Stocks To Own For The New Industrial Revolution." To find out about the technology that could disrupt the "Made in China" era, simply click here.

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