People who were taken advantage of by a scam that deceptively used Google's name and promised them the ability to earn up to $100,000 by working from home will be getting some compensation. The Federal Trade Commission announced Tuesday that nearly $2.3 million will be refunded via more than 93,000 separate checks, each for about $24.50.

The FTC said most consumers didn't know that by signing up for the work-at-home kit they would be charged a recurring $72.21 monthly fee. Although the marketers used names like "Google Money Tree," "Google Pro," and "Google Treasure Chest," they had nothing to do with the real Google (Nasdaq: GOOG), according to the FTC.

The FTC also determined that the product itself did not sufficiently allow its purchasers to make the amount of income promised in advertisements. The settlement requires the defendants to surrender cash and other assets that will be used for the refunds, according to the FTC press release.

Consumers who have questions, or who have not yet filed a complaint with the FTC, should call the Redress Administrator, Gilardi & Co. LLC at 1-877-226-2847.

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