Michael Kors (NYSE:CPRI) is a high-end fashion designer, and like other high-end name brands, the man behind the label means everything. Think of Christian Louboutin or Yves Saint Laurent, companies that live and die based on how well their designers do on the runway -- Kors is not much different. But since going public last year, management is even more in the spotlight than it was before. Here's a look at who's behind the label.

The leadership team at Kors has a good deal of experience, both in apparel and in money management. CEO John Idol has an impressive apparel resume, having previously worked for Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, and Donna Karan. He has been with Kors since 2003, and has been the company's chairman since just before the IPO last year. Idol owns 2.2% of the company's outstanding shares.

Michael Kors is the company's chief creative officer. Kors has won a number of design awards and has played the role of judge on Project Runway since 2004. While this is not a founder-as-CEO company, Kors' close ties to the company and his position as honorary chairman of the board ensures that the founder still has a firm hand in the running of the company. Kors owns 4.2% of the outstanding shares.

The rest of Kor's board of directors consists of three financiers, and a former executive from Reitmans, a Canadian women's wear company. Two of the financiers, Silas Chou and Lawrence Stroll, represent Sportswear Holdings Limited. SHL helped finance the company and still holds over 16% of the outstanding shares .

The bottom line
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