Peering into the future can be a very foolish and extremely daunting task for investors. Everyone is constantly trying to find the next big thing that will change the world as we know it, and it often leads to investments in overvalued and foolhardy trends. Trying to find the next Apple, Cisco, or General Electric can often be as futile as turning lead to gold, but there is hope. In this special Motley Fool video series, we look at investing for the future from a different perspective. We'll be looking at existing technologies that have the potential to significantly change the world if breakthroughs are achieved and widespread adoption is accomplished. In this segment, we look at the field of robotics, the different types of robotics, the companies involved, and how they best fit into your portfolio. Please watch the video below in which Motley Fool analyst Blake Bos explains the different types of investments you can make in robotics, and then learn more about each type in the in-depth discussions below where Blake picks his top stocks in each segment.



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