The following video excerpt was taken from an interview with Robert LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson (NASDAQ:LPSN), as he talks about what was behind the company's incredible success story. In this segment, he explains how the use of integrated marketing and social media have continued to further company growth. A transcript follows the video.


Brendan Byrnes: You have the big chat platform, obviously, but you also have been developing some new products. Your R&D budget has been increasing over the past few years. Talk about maybe some stuff that you're working on in addition to the chat feature.

Robert LoCascio: Yeah, I mean two years ago, we started down the journey of building the live engaged platform, and that platform is taking the behavioral targeting and applying it to content, applying it to video, applying to social and mobile. So we're taking all the predictive capabilities that we did so well with chat and now applied to a Euro marketer. Someone's on the website; give them a coupon. Someone's on their mobile device; give them a little advertisement on that. Somebody's on social; they're on Twitter saying something; tweet back to them based on the intelligence, and say, "Look, I can help you." So we're taking that behavioral targeting; we've built it into a platform now and now we're expanding it.

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