In this video, Blake Bos gives his two cents' worth on SodaStream (NASDAQ:SODA) as a long-term investment. While the most recent earnings report beat estimates, the stock suffered a sell-off. For the long term, SodaStream is doing some good things. It is building out a manufacturing plant in Israel that should help reduce its dependence on subcontractors that are adversely hurting its earnings. Similarly, SodaStream is building out its distribution network to capitalize on sales of consumables. Lastly, later this summer, SodaStream should roll out a new product with a lower price tag than the current model. Look for a price of around $99 versus $150 for what's on the shelves now. There seems to be demand for SodaStream products, and this new lower-priced product should help drive sales in the last half of the year. All told, the convergence of building out manufacturing and distribution capabilities and, hopefully, growing sales of its lower-priced products should  position SodaStream well for 2015-2016.