The following video is from Thursday's Digging for Value, in which host Alison Southwick and Motley Fool energy analysts, Taylor Muckerman and Joel South, get to the heart of the biggest stories in energy investing today.

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Don't get us wrong; Vale (NYSE:VALE) needs infrastructure in Brazil as much as the next miner, but what it doesn't need is the headache of keeping it up to date. It has decided that it only wants a 40% stake in its logistics business and is only 26% short of reaching this level after putting two deals together this week. Much like Vale, BHP Billiton (NYSE:BHP) and Rio Tinto (NYSE:RIO) have been shedding assets. BHP has sold or announced the sale of $5 billion worth of businesses in 2013 alone. For Rio Tinto, investors can expect "a stronger, more focussed and accountable business". For more, tune in below.

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