Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) newest edition to its full-size tablet line, the iPad Air, has recently hit the shelves. With the tablet market expected to be highly contested this holiday season, we asked a few Fools their impressions of Apple's new product.

Eric Bleeker believes the iPad Air was a large step forward from its predecessor. In addition, it also closed the gap with the iPad mini in design and features. Eric also notes that Apple's retail store foot traffic was brisk on the iPad Air's release date, indicating ample demand for the product.

Evan Niu is impressed with the $500 starting price. Apple increased the price of the iPad mini this iteration, but kept the price stable for the iPad Air. Although tablet prices have dropped, Apple has focused on delivering value at the $500 price point.

Jamal Carnette feels the iPad Air has a competitive advantage with this model in the larger tablet space.

In today's episode of Tech Teardown, Jamal Carnette talks iPad Air with Eric Bleeker, CFA and Evan Niu, CFA.