Is Samsung's (OTC:SSNLF) Galaxy Gear smart watch a success or failure? The answer varies according to what number you are looking at. Samsung shocked the overall investing community by reporting it had sold 800 thousand units in its first two months.

However, other sources report a much lower sales figure. Business Korea pegs Galaxy Gear sales at a much lower 50 thousand figure.

So, why the huge discrepancy?

It all depends upon the meaning of the word "sale." Samsung eventually admitted that it meant "shipped" instead of "sold." This is an important distinction -- shipped merely means the watch is in the retail distribution network. In essence, it's been sent to third-party vendors. Business Korea's number, on the other hand, consists of only end-user purchases.

If Business Korea's number is correct, that leaves Samsung with a potential inventory issue for the Galaxy Gear. In addition, things may not get better for smart watches this holiday season -- Gartner recently reported that it doesn't think this season will bring high demand for smart watches.

In this version of Tech Teardown, Quick Minute Fool, Jamal Carnette, discusses Samsung's Galaxy Gear smart watch.