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2 Key Things For Facebook Investors to Watch

By Evan Niu, CFA and Erin Kennedy – Mar 8, 2014 at 7:00AM

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Facebook had 2 notable events last week. The company continues to evaluate entering China, while it will also be redesigning its core product.

Facebook (META -1.54%) is making headlines for two reasons this week. Firstly, there is the somewhat speculative rumor that Facebook may eventually want to expand into China. This comes just shortly after rival LinkedIn (LNKD.DL) outlined its own plans to officially enter the Middle Kingdom.

A number of media outlets spotted a job posting with Facebook for someone specialized in Simplified Chinese. The posting noted that over 80% of the social network's users are outside of North America, and that the company continues to expand internationally. The core job appears to be translation, and ensuring a good user experience for Chinese users. Facebook does remain officially blocked in China, though the annual report did vaguely mention that the company "continues to evaluate making Facebook available in China."

Facebook's second piece of news this week is that it will be rolling out a new version of its News Feed in the coming weeks ahead. For Facebook, this is the equivalent of a product launch, as the News Feed could be considered the company's core product. In this segment from Friday's Tech Teardown, Motley Fool tech analyst Evan Niu discusses Facebook's options in China, and why its new News Feed will have a streamlined, simpler, and mobile-inspired look, that will unify the experience across all platforms.

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