On Thursday, Reuters reported that Taiwan's Quanta Computer will start mass production of Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iWatch in July for a rumored October launch. This isn't the first rumor of the iWatch, but this is the first one with such specificity. And if the source is to be believed, Apple is expecting big things from the iWatch for its fiscal 2015.

The source stated that Apple expects to ship 50 million units in the device's first year. If other reports of $350 per unit are to be believed, then Apple expects $17.5 billion of incremental revenue. For a comparison, Apple only grew revenue $14.4 billion year over year in its last fiscal year.

Motley Fool tech analysts Jamal Carnette and Nathan Hamilton discuss this news for Apple investors. While Jamal thinks this is music to Apple investors' ears, he does see a risk in such a high sales figure estimate.