Are you a contrarian investor? You may want to be.

Contrarian investors are simply those who question widespread assumptions and approach investing in a contrary way.

For example, consider the old saying, "Buy low, sell high." This is the ideal scenario for many people, but it's not the only one. You might also buy high and sell higher. After all, some high-quality companies rarely sell for what would be considered a low price.

Another twist would be "Buy low, sell. never (or at least not for a very long time)." Too often, investors sell out of a stock too soon. If your shares in Jars, Lids, and Beyond Inc. (ticker: JARSL) are up 50%, it can be tempting to sell and take your gain. But consider holding on. As long as the company is still firing on all cylinders, 10 years from now the shares might be up 300%, or more.

Don't be afraid of being contrary in other ways, as well. If many investors seem to be turning away from a company, it could be an ideal time, after researching it thoroughly, to consider buying shares. This is because, when a company falls into disfavor, its share price is likely to drop to bargain levels.

Also contrarian in many ways are so-called "value" investors, who ignore the high-flying stocks everyone is cooing about and instead look for downtrodden diamonds in the rough. Learn more about value investing here:

You needn't follow any herd or any dictum to succeed in investing. Take the time to learn and think for yourself.

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