Bids, bluffs, and boxes will leave a mark on the week that lies ahead. Let's take a closer look.

As opposed to the (NASDAQ:PCLN) that once prided itself on rejecting five out of every six travel bids it received, the kinder and gentler "Name Your Price" company is more interested in closing the deal. As it continues to morph into a more conventional travel portal, the recognized brand that was once worthy of being recommended in our Stock Advisor newsletter service is now something even better -- consistently profitable.

After posting profits for seven straight quarters, analysts expect the black ink to continue, with the company putting up earnings of roughly $0.20 a share to kick off the new trading week. If it misses the expectations? Well, the market will give it a little payback for when Priceline seemed like an online rejection service.

After the food-service giant with the same-sounding name posted earnings, now it's time for Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) to step up to the podium and give router rooters something to hopefully cheer about. The tech bellwether spooked some investors last year, when the company's inventory and accounts-receivable levels were growing faster than the company's top line. And, no, that's not a good kind of growth. The stock is trading at just a quarter of where it was when it peaked five years ago, so don't be too surprised if those router rooters are also harder to come by these days.

If your cousin would thaw out after spending five years in a cryogenic state, you could floor him with a few nuggets like telling him that Donald Trump is a celebrity again, or that folks love to watch others play cards on television. OK, technically, it's not just cards. It's poker. Yet that amazing phenomenon has also created a major spike in traffic to online gaming sites. Whom do these Web-based poker dealers turn to for help in managing the player experience? Yes, by and large, it's CryptoLogic (NASDAQ:CRYP). The gaming software specialist has been on a tear lately. Its stock is up 44% since it was singled out in the January issue of Motley Fool Hidden Gems, and on Wednesday, the company reveals its next quarterly card. Let's just hope it's not a flop. (Sorry, bad poker joke.)

If your other cousin, the one who went off on a 20-year space mission, came back to terra firma, you could probably throw him for an orbital loop by telling him that the country's leading computer company was started by a guy piecing together systems in his college dorm room. And it's true. Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) has mastered its consumer-direct model to the point where it's the top dog, and the competition doesn't stand much of a chance against Dell's operating efficiencies.

Dell's news is usually pretty good. The last time it had a quarter to talk about, it had wrapped up its fiscal year by generating $49.2 billion in revenue, a 19% top-line improvement. Earnings per share grew by 28% to hit $1.29. On Thursday, we'll get the first taste of how the company is making out this time around.

Manny, Moe, and Jack -- you know, the Pep Boys (NYSE:PBY) -- will be giving you a peek under the hood to close out the week. The stock's been on a bumpy ride, having gone from $5 to $25 to $15 in two years flat. The auto parts retailer will look to get back on the road to prosperity, if it is able to keep rolling above and beyond the market's expectations.

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