A chip rumor got the week started, but earnings and new product launches grounded it in reality.

The best thing ever to happen to Apple chips is caramel dipping sauce
The trading week kicked off in a flurry after a Wall Street Journal story on Monday claimed that Apple Computer (NASDAQ:AAPL) was in talks with Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) to produce its computer microprocessors. Would Apple really sleep with the Wintel enemy, or was this just a tactic to spook its current chipmaker, IBM (NYSE:IBM), into a sweeter deal?

Oh, how that rumor mill loves to churn. Lacking confirmation, the market eventually turned its attention to more material matters -- like actual developments and earnings reports -- though Apple and Intel certainly made for a mesmerizing conspiracy theory. While I'm guessing that hardcore Apple fans shuddered at the suggestion, the market had sent Apple's stock higher on the possibility that a deal with Intel would mean cheaper chip prices for Apple.

Just because the new product is Finnish, that doesn't mean it's finished
If you've got $350 burning a hole in your pocket, maybe the new Nokia (NYSE:NOK) tablet device is the item for you. The handheld gizmo that made its debut on Wednesday looks cool, and it even allows you to surf the Internet. So far, so good.

However, our own Nathan Parmelee pointed out the product's shortcoming: It doesn't come with a traditional keyboard. Instead, you have to peck away at the onscreen keyboard with the provided stylus. Nathan also indicated that so many handheld cybersurfing devices have had a rough time catching on because laptops are just so cheap these days. I agree. Sure, the high-tech gadgetry being put out these days is mind-blowing, but there's no point in building a better mousetrap if the existing model isn't broken. Nokia is doing plenty of neat things lately, though, like wireless handsets that double as digital-music players when you're not tending to phone calls.

If you think Wall Street is going to the dogs, you may be right
It was a good week for the pet-supply stores. PETsMART (NASDAQ:PETM) kicked things off with a 40% spike in quarterly profits on a 13% uptick in sales. Petco (NASDAQ:PETCE) then followed up with a 13% top-line spurt as well.

Ringing up fish flakes and cat collars may not seem like glamorous stuff, but it clearly adds up. PETsMART is an active recommendation in our Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter service, and that just goes to show you: If a dog can be man's best friend, why not a stock certificate?

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