Buy high, sell higher? Last week, I took a look at four promising stocks that had doubled over the past year. I promised to return with more rallying stocks that appear to be ready to continue their recent runs.

Well, I'm back.

If you're done digesting the first four stock ideas, let's dig into some more.

1. Shanda Interactive (NASDAQ:SNDA). There are plenty of reasons to wish you were in Shanda's shoes. It is China's leading online interactive gaming specialist. Think about that. China is the world's most populous nation. Few can afford online connections at home, so they take to Internet cafes, where Shanda and other providers of popular multiplayer experiences charge no more than pennies an hour because that's what the market's economy will bear. It's kind of like shooting catalysts in a barrel, right? As the residents' disposable income grows, you will find more players flocking online along with Shanda's flexibility to inch prices higher.

But the beauty behind Shanda is that you don't even have to project the company's earnings power in the future. It is doing incredibly well right now. During the first quarter, Shanda's revenue more than doubled, with earnings soaring by 163%. Good luck trying to find a stateside company with 44% in net margins. The company has earned $1.24 a share over the past year. That prices it at just a little better than 30 times earnings. Given the company's growth and fat margins, that's certainly a reasonable multiple. Go back a year, when the company was trading at just 15 times what its forward earnings would produce, and it's easy to see why Shanda's shares have doubled. As long as momentum plays nicely in Shanda's corner, it's not too hard to fathom folks kicking themselves and making the exact same argument in the summer of 2006.

2. Bankrate (NASDAQ:RATE). If you have gone house hunting, or found yourself looking to refinance or land a better credit card over the past few years, odds are that you are familiar with Bankrate. The consumer-banking data muncher is everywhere these days. Then again, with interest rates climbing since Alan Greenspan first got itchy in 2004, one might assume that this wouldn't be a very good time for a company like Bankrate. Everyone who wanted to refinance has refinanced, right? Well, let's not make that assumption.

That's not how it always works. So when you learn that Bankrate's shares have tripled over the past year, let's put that into the appropriate context. Consider a company like (NASDAQ:HOMS). It thrives when the housing market isn't exactly booming, because that's when real estate agents lean on it to help move stagnant properties. In Bankrate's world, higher rates mean more competition to get noticed. It's why credit providers are more likely to advertise on Bankrate or pay to have the company include their hyperlinks in rate-listing pages.

However, revenues haven't exactly gone through the roof at Bankrate. The company's top line was up by just 11% in the March quarter, after inching 7% higher in 2004. The real story here has been the company's ability to trim expenses without sacrificing its sales growth. That has created a spike in operating profits. As the company expands into new consumer banking channels and takes advantage of the growing interest that content-rich providers are commanding from sponsors, Bankrate's stock path is likely to follow Greenspan's trigger finger higher.

3. Children's Place (NASDAQ:PLCE). When's the last time that you saw a retailer report a 75% surge in monthly sales? That's how quickly Children's Place grew its top line last month. No, it wasn't all organic. Its namesake kiddie apparel chain grew sales by just 12%. The balance came from the retailer's assumption of Disney's (NYSE:DIS) Disney Store business late last year.

Earlier this month, the company stuck to its guidance, calling for earnings to come in between $2.15 and $2.25 a share this year. Comps are climbing steadily at its flagship chain, and there is so much upside potential if the company is able to turn the Disney Store business around. Analysts expect next year's earnings to rise to $2.88 a share, but that doesn't price in what may be a dramatic revival at Disney Store.

Why? Well, Disney Store was once a jewel in Disney's crown. It was a way for Disney to sell retail merchandise and work some brand ambassadorship in a mall experience. Disney strayed and expanded too quickly. Some may believe that an outsider has little chance of fixing Disney's languishing chain. I disagree. Children's Place knows retail. It knows how to market to kids and their currency-toting parents alike. Trading at 17 times next year's earnings, that's more than a fair price. It might be an even fairer price if Children's Place turns Disney Store around quickly, earning more than $2.88 a share next year in the process.

4. Gamestop (NYSE:GME). Got game? If so, maybe you're ready for Gamestop. The two leading video game specialty retailers have doubled over the past year. But don't worry. You don't have to decide between Gamestop and Electronics Boutique (NASDAQ:ELBO). That's because Gamestop is acquiring its rival. Why do you want to be in this sector at all? Well, let's see. Over the next year, all three console makers will be putting out their next-generation gaming machines. You're more than welcome to wager on who you think will come out ahead. I prefer to play the field, because Gamestop will be there ringing up orders whether it's Nintendo, PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 reigning supreme.

Now, the first wave of platform introductions can be slow. The consoles are pricey, but they are also low-margin producers for the video game outlets. Their real gravy comes in the higher-margin video game software that typically peaks a few years later. That's OK. It will give Gamestop plenty of time to complete the digestion process.

Fill my eyes with that double vision
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