"However, to use one of Benjamin Graham's many useful maxims to investing, we're looking for investments that first ensure the preservation of capital, and second, a reasonable expected investment return."

-- Ryan Fuhrmann, five minutes ago

Benjamin Graham: Speculator
Know what else old Ben liked? Informed speculations. From his seminal work, The Intelligent Investor:

"...It was the speculator who looked out and saw future developments before other people did. But today, if an investor is shrewd or well-advised, he too must have his lookout on the future ... where he rubs elbows with the speculator."

In other words: Speculating is only gambling when it isn't well-informed. That's not the case here. We know that police love these devices. We know that while they may not be completely safe, the TASER (NASDAQ:TASR) tends to save lives, not end them. Accordingly, TASER is beating lawsuits and the SEC is done investigating the company.

And did I mention that TASER's competitors are inept?

To use poker parlance -- you brought Vegas into this debate, remember? -- that's a lot of outs for a pot that equals at least $4.3 billion. The best players in the world have pushed all-in for a lot less. You needn't expose your portfolio to the same risk, of course. (Diversification is a key tenet of successful investing, after all.) But there's a rule to poker that also applies to Rule Breaker investing. Matt Damon as Mike McDermott says it best in seminal poker flick Rounders: "You can't lose what you don't put in the middle. But you can't win much, either."

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