The occasional shower of pennies from heaven might do our bank accounts some good, but we Fools can't say the same for penny stocks. The world of penny stocks is often full of manipulation and deceit, making it harder for investors to separate its few good offerings from the multitude best ignored.

Still, many investors dabble at the low end of the stock-price spectrum. At Motley Fool CAPS, we award the "Pennies" title to investors who rate stocks trading in the single digits more than half the time. Believe it or not, you'll find some of the best CAPS All-Stars among those members.

Pinching pennies
This week, we'll look at some of the low-priced investments these All-Stars have praised. If the best investors regularly scanning this end of the market have singled out these companies, we might want to turn our umbrellas upside-down -- or run for cover!

Here's the latest list of low-priced stocks with All-Star support:



CAPS Rating (out of 5 max)

CAPS Member

Member Rating

JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ:JBLU)





Hansen Medical (NASDAQ:HNSN)





Inter Parfums (NASDAQ:IPAR)





Yanzhou Coal Mining (NYSE:YZC)










*Price when the outperform call was made.

Your two cents' worth
If only airlines could bring the occupants of their executive suites up to the caliber of the people in their cockpits. U.S. Airways (NYSE:LCC) pilot Chesley Sullenberger III showed the kind of calm and reserve necessary in extreme circumstances when his Airbus A320 struck a flock of geese and had to ditch in New York's Hudson River last week. Sullenberger's heroic landing saved all 155 passengers and crew on board.

Yet it often seems that saving the airlines themselves will require equally heroic measures. U.S. Airways, JetBlue, and others were only recently rescued from the turbulence high oil prices created last summer. Through a combination of price hikes, capacity cuts, and fee impositions, airlines have since been eking out an existence.

But all is not rosy. December passenger traffic at JetBlue slipped 1.6%, while reported capacity fell by more than 5%, and occupancy grew 1.6%. Investors like CAPS member SideShowMel0329 believe higher oil prices will be with us again soon enough, and that JetBlue may not find the skies so friendly: "[JetBlue] has seen recent gains because of cheap oil and optimistic future earnings. Well, oil won't be cheap for long, and the recession is here to stay for another year or so."

A coin toss?
Even as Hansen Medical and Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE:PHG) signed an agreement to simplify the complex cardiac procedures that diagnose and treat irregular heartbeats, investors remained concerned that hospital budgets may be constrained in the coming year, complicating the adoption of any catheter advances Hansen may realize. CAPS All-Star mulledover thinks the medical robotics maker might become a takeover target at worst:

Will continue to expand the procedure capability of their catheters which should help sales. Entirely possible that they will be bought out by St. Jude or the founder's old company Intuitive Surgical. Main risk for the next year is that hospital budgets might be too tight to allow for rapid sales growth.

Penny for your thoughts
What do you think? Should we fill up the change jar with these penny stocks, or ignore 'em like a discarded coin on the street? It pays to start your own research on these stocks on Motley Fool CAPS. Read a company's financial reports, scrutinize key data and charts, and examine the comments your fellow investors have made all from a stock's CAPS page. Consult our free CAPS investor-intelligence community, where your two cents count as much as anyone else's.

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