Apparently I'm not the only one getting in tune with my inner pop mixologist.

SodaStream (Nasdaq: SODA) poured out a blowout quarter this morning, as the company behind the home-based soft drink maker continues to grow its audience of soda sippers.

Revenue soared 50%, to $64 million, fueled by a 153% pop in the Americas where it didn't beef up its presence until the latter half of last year. Sales in our region account for less than a quarter of the company's revenue. Western Europe remains its key market, including an impressive 20% market share penetration in Sweden. Either way, Western European sales were up a reasonable 23%.

Bears banking on SodaStream's water fizzers being a mere holiday novelty in this country will need to carve out a new bleak thesis. SodaStream sold 592,000 units of its namesake makers, nearly double the amount it moved during the first three months of last year. Consumable sales -- where the chunkiest margins are made in refillable CO2 canisters and bottles of soda flavoring -- rose 34%. Don't read too much into the gap between makers and consumables. There have now been 1.3 million starter kits sold over the past six months. The consumables will follow.

Selling more makers than consumables slightly dings gross margins, but once again SodaStream is making it up in volume after that point to post wider net margins. Adjusted earnings skyrocketed 141%, to $0.38 a share.

SodaStream's presence shouldn't worry Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) or PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP), just as the success of Green Mountain's (Nasdaq: GMCR) Keurig single-cup java makers aren't slowing foot traffic at Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX).

Keurig expanded the market of coffee drinkers, and SodaStream's healthier pop relative to the industry giants appears to be doing the same thing for carbonated beverages.

The good times should continue for SodaStream. The stock has more than doubled since going public at $20 last year, but a blowout quarter and refreshed outlook find the fizzy shares opening more than 10% higher this morning.

Refreshed outlook? That's right. SodaStream now sees revenue climbing 30% higher this year with a 60% pop in profitability. Its guidance back in March called for just a 25% top-line gain and a 40% gain in earnings.

A secondary offering last month and the post-IPO lockup expiration earlier this month may have scared away some investors in recent weeks, but hitting a fresh high today is proof that nothing clears away growth-stock blemishes better than high octane growth.

Is SodaStream a fad or is it a real lifestyle changer? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.