Sirius XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) has landed another piece of celebrity-driven content.

Lance Bass will host The Pop Ten, a two-hour show that counts down the week's top 10 songs and pop culture happenings. The show will make its Friday night debut on outQ, Sirius XM's channel featuring news and entertainment for the gay and lesbian community. An encore presentation follows on Saturday night.

Sirius XM is once again flexing its premium radio muscles. Pandora Music (NYSE: P) may be the flavor of the week, but can the advertising-based music discovery site ever afford to bring on celebrity-hosted streams? There are plenty of free celebrity podcasts available through Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL) iTunes, but will they ever be as reliable and easily accessible as a regularly scheduled radio show?

The timing of the weekly show is also impressive. Sirius XM remains a commuter-fueled service. Satellite radio relies on auto sales to generate new subscriptions. Sirius XM hasn't fared as well selling home-based receivers or its web-based service for smartphone and computer streaming.

Airing this show at 10 p.m. on Fridays -- and again at 9 p.m. on Saturdays -- will catch many drivers long after they've pulled into their driveways. There may be plenty of drivers on the road on weekend nights, but not as many as congest the roadways during the morning and late-afternoon rush hours. If this show is a hit, it should encourage more subscribers to pay extra for either portable web-based streams or a second home-based subscription.

I made this same observation earlier this month, when Sirius XM slotted a Lady Gaga interview and the exclusive Live From UCB Theater comedy show at times that aren't peak driving periods.

This may not be deliberate on Sirius XM's part, but it's still a brilliant strategy. Just as eateries offer Happy Hour deals and early bird specials to fill tables before the dinner crowds arrive, Sirius XM is scheduling proprietary content throughout the week. Making its service stickier throughout the day will encourage subscribers to buy add-on upgrades that make Sirius's broadcasts more portable.

Premium radio is alive and well. AOL (NYSE: AOL) announced this week that it would be teaming up with Slacker to relaunch AOL Radio this summer. It will offer a free ad-supported service, but also introduce two new pricing tiers for premium subscribers. Spotify is inching closer to its stateside debut, and CBS' (NYSE: CBS) didn't die after it erected tollbooths.

Positioning itself as more than just a drive-time diversion will work wonders for Sirius XM's ability to push incremental services and keep subscribers tuned in. With every careful content addition, Sirius XM is solidifying its stronghold among listeners.

What content should Sirius XM go after next? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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