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A tall drink of water
The tsunami that wiped out financial markets globally last year also washed away the growth prospects of many companies that serviced them. In particular, consulting companies seemed to feel the sand shift beneath their feet more quickly than others did.

Industry best practices advisor Corporate Executive Board (NASDAQ:EXBD) counted on investment banking, insurance, and mortgage brokers for more than a quarter of its business in 2007. When the industry imploded, some of its clients simply didn't exist anymore. Contract values, which CEB viewed as a good proxy for future growth, disappeared -- and its stock price crumbled. Growth rates did a 180-degree turn, from a 28% increase as late as 2006 to a 28% decrease just this past quarter, with the potential for further declines throughout this year.

Yet since the dark days of early 2009, the stock market has staged a phenomenal recovery, bringing these same consulting companies along for the ride. After bottoming out at just less than $13 a share, Corporate Executive Board stock has risen more than 80%. Not bad for a company that doesn't see any growth in its business anytime soon.

Other industries relying on the financial services sector have been equally blessed. IT outsourcing specialist Infosys Technologies derived a third of its revenue from financial services in 2009, but shares were up more than 150% since the lows of last March. Rival Indian outsourcer Wipro (NYSE:WIT) rose more than 400% since then.

Infosys has undoubtedly benefited from the vast sums of money funneled to the banks and brokers by the U.S. government while struggling to prop up a tottering system. Indeed, Infosys was able to report this quarter that its top 10 clients increased sales by more than 12%, twice the rate that the overall customer list produced. Still, there remain strong headwinds buffeting the IT sector, including a shortage of people and the still-fragile state of monetary affairs. A double-dip recession could plunge these businesses back to the brink.

Investors remain enamored of their potential, though. CAPS member MagicUKW finds Infosys significantly undervalued.

The value of this company is way higher than the quotes are right now. The concept is outstanding and it is going to grow more and more.

Similarly, back in October, InvestingMonk thought Infosys might run into some near-term hurdles that could complicate its progression, but over the long haul it was an excellent buy.

Maybe not excellent in the short term, but this should outperform in a number of years. Superb balance sheet, industry leader, growing market. The price is a bit high, but I think it's reasonable for this company.

Why not let us know on the Infosys Technologies CAPS page whether this tech leader has what it takes?

Gather 'round
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