As you're considering The Motley Fool's Million Dollar Portfolio (or MDP) service, you should check around online for reviews and testimonials from subscribers. That's just being a smart buyer. To help, we've bundled together some reviews from Million Dollar Portfolio members so you can better understand the service and how it fits into an investing philosophy.

Of course, you shouldn't just read reviews about MDP here – search around the internet, and you'll find plenty more information that can help you make your best decision – but we think our reviews can provide particular insight into how our subscribers use the service.

MDP Advisor Matthew Argersinger

MDP Advisor Matthew Argersinger. Image source: The Motley Fool.

Million Dollar Portfolio invests real cash

MDP is a "real-money portfolio service," meaning that it has an actual, limited amount of cash to use for investing. That has two benefits for subscribers: First, the team can't just recommend great stocks; they have to try and pick the best ones, as every dollar they invest in one company can't go to another. It also means they have to think about asset allocation – how much to allocate to energy companies, tech, consumer goods, healthcare, financials, etc. That's another important element of balancing investing and spreading risk.

As member Neil B. puts it, "a real-money portfolio gives you discipline, and education, and so on and so forth as a personal investor above and beyond just having a newsletter."

MDP's access pass another key benefit

The Million Dollar Portfolio team picks stocks from a universe of companies recommended by The Motley Fool's introductory stock-picking services – Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, Inside Value, Income Investor, and Hidden Gems. So once a stock goes on MDP's watchlist, it's already been vetted at least twice – by analysts on the introductory service and by the MDP team. And once a stock gets MDP's coveted "buy" rec, think of it as a second team of analysts' stamp of approval. Neil B. laid out for us how he invests with MDP. "I like the watchlist. I follow that. And I'll take the MDP watchlist and check it out through the other services. I have occasionally bought things off the watchlist before they're recommended. The whole process is very good."

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The Million Dollar Portfolio team makes the difference

The MDP team, led by advisor Matthew Argersinger, is a key differentiator for many MDP subscribers, with several calling out their mindset and knowledge base as a huge benefit of Million Dollar Portfolio. Member Steve L. told us that "MDP has balanced my thinking through a dizzying array of markets. I have been grateful for their calming, rational, fact-based influence. Thank you to the MDP staff who run a fantastic service!"

It's easy to be convinced that you're investing well when in a bull market, but the real key is what happens when times get tough and markets get choppy. Neil B. really did a great job of summarizing how the Million Dollar Portfolio team has changed his mindset and helped him invest better in tougher times.

Here's what he had to say:

"I would say the most important part that I've got out of The Motley Fool and MDP, in general, is that now when the stock market goes down, I'm excited. I've always... Up to that time, I had always been a "buy high and sell low" kind of guy. And this time I realize if you keep buying at the bad turns, you're going to make a lot of money."

Mindset is key, and MDP has been a key part of improving that mindset for many of its thousands of members. Member Kevin C. perhaps put it best: "Thanks MDP staff for being the lighthouse in a raging market sea, a guide in a bewildering maze, a touchstone in an ever-evolving landscape."

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With that endorsement, and with all the benefits to MDP that we've laid out above, is it any wonder that thousands of members have taken the jump and learned how to invest better with Matthew Argersinger and the MDP team?

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