"Buh-bye, double-digit interest rates. So long, fat-cat fees." If that's your New Year's resolution rallying call, then here's some help.

If you're struggling with debt, you're not alone. Meet fellow debtors and folks who have successfully paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars on our Consumer Credit/Credit Cards discussion board. It's a virtual support group at your disposal!

Here are some other simple steps to help you destroy the debt demons:

  • Lower your interest rate -- immediately. Call up your lender and ask them to give you a competitive rate. If they won't play ball, then look elsewhere for a better deal.

  • We created this Debt Destruction Kit to help organize your attack plan and quash any spending cravings that sneak up at inopportune times. Fools just love the Stop Spending Sleeve. Print it out and attack!

  • Expecting a check from Aunt Minnie this holiday? What a great gift to yourself. Now send it along to Mr. Visa. We promise you won't miss it.

  • For extra incentive, we offer (for free!) our Get Out of Debt Guide, with a handy downloadable workbook to help track your amazing progress.

  • Become a Goody Two-shoes, and spit-shine your credit score. You'll be the envy of all.

  • Don't be distracted by urban legends told in credit land. There's plenty of misinformation floating around -- here's some bunk we've overheard.