Which are the best stocks to buy now? Here's what our community of 6,900 at Motley Fool CAPS says:


Total Ratings

Bullish Picks

Bull Ratio

Honda Motor




Portfolio Recovery Assoc.




Middleby (NASDAQ:MIDD)




Berkshire Hathaway




Coventry Health Care




American Int'l Group












Natus Medical








Data current as of Sept. 25, 2006.

No doubt this is a rather unscientific table, and CAPS is a new service, so our newsletter recommendations are likely overrepresented. But all that aside, this is a pretty good group of companies to take a closer look at.

Snorting bulls run strong with each of these stocks. Consider this "pitch" -- a short investing thesis exposed for all to see -- for biotech ViroPharma from CAPS player PrincetonAl:

Check out the P/E ... [ViroPharma] is priced as if generic competition is a given. Any significant delays that allow its pipeline to mature, or any stumbles will allow it to rebound significantly from where it is, $13-$15, allowing for a 40%+ gain ...

Or how about this highly recommended pitch for Natus Medical from fellow Fool Tim Hanson:

Like Blackboard, Natus Medical is building a burgeoning monopoly in its industry. That industry is medical devices for newborn testing. Like the old razor/razor blade analogy, Natus not only is penetrating more and more hospitals with their equipment, they also then supply the various parts and pieces to make them work every day. I love to find small companies that are on the verge of controlling their niche, and I think that's going to be the case here. David Nierenberg of D3 Funds also owns a significant stake in Natus Medical, and that's just one more thing to like.

Best of the best
Surely both of these stocks deserve their fans, but neither inspires the passion that Honda does. Our CAPS score leader, Russell Carpenter, who is both a financial analyst and a member of the Motley Fool Hidden Gems team, best sums up the bull case for the shares:

Honda largely steered clear of the bigger, heavier, V-8 engine SUV craze, and is beginning to see the benefits of that decision. Honda is also making a foray into the ultra light jet market, and given their history of innovations -- they actually beat Toyota (NYSE:TM) to market with a hybrid car, the Insight -- I'm liking their chances.

Motley Fool Rule Breakers team member Daniel Rubin, a comedy writer in Hollywood when not answering investing questions, adds the punch line:

... I bought my last Honda for 17K and sold it a year later for 16K. These things have incredible value. With General Motors and Ford as national embarrassments, Honda should do just fine.

It's also worth noting that, according to Yahoo! Finance, Honda boasts the best gross margin in the auto industry yet trades for just 11 times projected earnings. Toyota, by contrast, trades for 13 times projected earnings. Nice.

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