The market clearly liked BuffaloWild Wings' (NASDAQ:BWLD) third-quarter results, sending the shares up more than 11% following earnings results after the market close yesterday. They opened today up more than 20%. What's a Fool to make of the very favorable turn of events?

Investors who held the stock since August are now up more than 46%; not bad for a couple of months of performance. Unfortunately, if you haven't been in the stock but were considering a purchase, now may not be the best time. While the company didn't provide forward earnings guidance, analysts are currently projecting $1.45 for full-year 2006 and $1.78 for next year. Those numbers may increase after the dazzling quarterly results, but they currently represent rather lofty P/Es of 34 and 28 for this year and next, respectively.

For the third quarter, Buffalo Wild Wings' total revenue increased 32.1% to $68.3 million, which consisted primarily of $60.8 million in company-owned restaurant sales (representing growth of 32.5%). Same-store sales increased the most at company-owned stores as well, growing 11.8%, while franchised units saw a still respectable 6.4% increase. Diluted earnings jumped an astounding 82%, growing to 40 cents per share from 22 cents in the previous year's third quarter.

Based on the way B-dubs is currently growing, it may continue to post stellar results well into the future, but I would characterize the stock as priced for perfection at this point in time. In hindsight, closer to $30 was clearly a better potential entry point, but there will likely be opportunities to pick up the shares at more reasonable levels. That's because the company isn't overly large, with a market cap of only about $400 million. And it has only been public since 2003.

Those conditions aren't a recipe for disaster, but younger, smaller, faster-growing companies are inherently riskier. As a case in point, the stock was clipped to the tune of 10% after the company missed second-quarter results by a measly penny as investors worried growth was coming to a screeching halt. Plus, the restaurant industry is fickle; consumers can embrace a hot concept one day (for example, B-dubs, Texas Roadhouse (NASDAQ:TXRH), Cheesecake Factory (NASDAQ:CAKE), or P.F. Chang's (NASDAQ:PFCB)) and shun it the next (a la OSI Restaurant Partners' (NYSE:OSI) once-sizzling Outback Steakhouses, or Rainforest Cafe, now owned by Landry's (NYSE:LNY)).

However, Buffalo Wild Wings is proving one of the most dynamic restaurant concepts with continued rapid growth potential; the company's goal is to grow its store base 15% annually, its sales by 20% each year, and its bottom line in excess of 25%. Those metrics are as high as you'll find anywhere, save a growing coffeehouse called Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX). Right now, I don't think there is much of a margin of safety built into the stock at current prices, but that could change at any time going forward, so keep this name on your watch list.

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