If you're in the market for an ionic air purifier or a leather massage chair, Sharper Image (NASDAQ:SHRP) may have what you're looking for. Don't worry. It's rarely crowded these days, and there's the rub as the eclectic consumer electronics retailer steps up to post its first-quarter results. Comps have fallen. Losses are mounting. There is clearly an opportunity here for vulture investors who see this as a turnaround play, but the company needs to get shoppers back into its stores, snapping up high-margin wares, to make that happen.

It's showtime at Best Buy (NYSE:BBY). Between layoffs at Circuit City (NYSE:CC) and last week's bankruptcy filing over at Tweeter (NASDAQ:TWTR), Best Buy appears to be the sole survivor among consumer electronics superstores. Sure, the growth isn't as heady as it used to be. Wall Street expects earnings to climb just 6% to $0.50 per share for its latest quarter. Still, baby steps will do just fine when the rest of the industry is falling backward.

In a kind move for industry watchers, Circuit City posts its results a day after Best Buy. It's not as upbeat in this case. The pros expect a loss after the company squeezed out a small profit a year ago. Between scaling back its store count and swapping seasoned employees for cheaper new recruits, the company is trying to trim back its operating overhead. That usually isn't a good sign, but let's see what Wednesday's report brings.

It's hoped jelly giant J.M. Smucker (NYSE:SJM) will spread its fundamentals thick. Analysts see the food maker earning $0.63 a share in its fourth quarter, less than the $0.68 per share it earned a year ago. Smucker has beaten profit targets in three of the last four quarters, so momentum is on its side for an upside surprise.

It's quiet on the earnings front, but it's as busy as ever at the local multiplex. Universal's Evan Almighty is the latest eagerly anticipated summer release. It opens on Friday, but joins a crowded theater house with wall-to-wall pirates, superheroes, and ogres. Let's see if the comedy can build an ark to get noticed in a flood of blockbusters.

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