I often think that long-term shareholders in PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP) must be very glad that the company took steps to move into salty snacks and non-carbonated beverages many years ago. The Fool by Numbers published earlier today reflects the overall 12% sales growth at the company, but we'll dig into some of the granularity here.

This quarter's results once again show that the carbonated beverage business is a strong cash flow generator, but it's not a huge growth driver. In fact, sales declined slightly for the company's Pepsi and Diet Pepsi beverages. For growth, you have to look to the non-carbonated beverages, Frito Lay, and the international business, where there are strong volume and revenue increases. None of these businesses on the whole delivers the growth that Hansen Natural (NASDAQ:HANS) has seen with its unique array of natural sodas and other drinks, but the valuation for PepsiCo makes a lot more sense, and the growth story at PepsiCo is stronger than it is at rival Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO).

With the company's strong performance, it raised guidance to at least $2.95 per share, which represents a 10.9% improvement over last year's $2.66 performance. More importantly, the company is guiding for $6.2 billion in operating cash flow and capital expenditures of approximately $2.2 billion. Assuming the company meets guidance, free cash flow should come in at $4 billion, which I think is a safe assumption, but pretty much flat with last year's performance.

PepsiCo also plans to purchase $3 billion worth of stock for the entire fiscal year and has purchased $1.47 billion so far this year. I find the company reasonably valued, assuming 8% to 9% growth in free cash flow, which seems like a valid assumption given the earnings growth. Add in the 1.9% dividend yield and the $3 billion in repurchases, and there is a small margin of safety in that valuation -- but not a large enough one to drive a truck through. Still, for a company of PepsiCo's quality, such discounts don't come along often.

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