You normally don't find companies issuing press releases to explain that everything is going according to plan, but that's just what Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) did this morning. The world's largest software maker announced that the release of its Windows Vista operating system was right on track. Corporate customers should be getting their volume license versions next month, with worldwide availability for consumers come January.

Yes, worldwide. Mr. Softy was able to bridge geopolitical differences by addressing concerns for its Vista releases in Europe and Korea.

Nice. As far as non-events go, this one is pretty eventful. After severaldelays, knowing that Microsoft isn't stretching its elastic finish line even further is great news for investors. It's also great news for the many companies that have been tying their recent weaknesses to delays in Vista's rollout.

We all know that Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) has been in a funk as it waits for Microsoft's new operating system to stir up some form of urgency on the upgrade front. CNET Networks (NASDAQ:CNET) has warned that ad revenues are clocking in weak this year, as its IT marketers have been holding back on their ad budgets until Vista hits the market.

Even as Microsoft's global grip has been weakening -- with the emergence of Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), the popularity of Linux, and the reawakening at Apple Computer (NASDAQ:AAPL) -- it's still every inch the bellwether, with many companies either looking forward to the release of Vista to drum up business or fearing its impact on existing product lines (see Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE)).

So leave it to Friday the 13th to deliver not Steve Ballmer in a Jason hockey mask, but rather the soothing sounds of stability at a time when the industry needs it the most.

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