Here's an inside look and listen at two recent recommendations from the team at Motley Fool Inside Value, who spend their time searching for deeply undervalued companies that will help investors preserve capital, minimize risk, and achieve long-term, market-beating returns. 

Energizer Holdings (NYSE: ENR), from Motley Fool Inside Value advisor Philip Durell:

[It] comes in second in market share to Procter & Gamble in many of its products: Duracell vs. Energizer; Gillette vs. Schick; Tampax vs. Playtex. But Energizer benefits from its runner-up status. The No. 1 and No. 2 companies in the consumer-products area often both do well because retailers don't want one brand to have all the power.

Vodafone (Nasdaq: VOD), from Motley Fool Stock Advisor associate advisor Alex Scherer:

Only a market-timing genius could say exactly when the market will wake up to the true value of Vodafone's largest asset [its ownership stake in Verizon Wireless]. But with a 6% dividend, positive business momentum, and a wireless end game in sight, watching that value unfold should be quite pleasant -- and profitable.

Listen to Philip and fellow Inside Value advisors Joe Magyer and Andy Louis-Charles discuss Energizer and Vodafone -- and debate which one Buffett would choose. (Approximate running time: 8 minutes.)

This article was compiled by Kris Eddy, who does not own shares of any stock mentioned. Energizer is a Motley Fool Stock Advisor pick. Procter & Gamble is a Motley Fool Income Investor pick and the Fool owns shares of it. The Fool has a disclosure policy.