Did you catch the new eBay(Nasdaq: EBAY) TV ad over the weekend? In a musical parody that would humble even the E*Trade(NYSE: ET)Monkey Flops Super Bowl commercial, the online retailer parodies Frank Sinatra's "My Way" to tout the various holiday goodies found on its site.

"Do it eBay" is the new slogan, and, like Sinatra, it's hard to argue with the way eBay is doing things -- its successful track record speaks for itself. Two weeks ago, the company provided yet another upbeat outlook.

Keep in mind that eBay is an online freak of nature. It's like a 300-pound linebacker running a 40-yard dash in 4.3 seconds. The company, with just over a billion in revenue over the past year, is still growing its listings by 48% this quarter. That percentage is on top of both a higher fee structure than last year's and new money-making enhancements, such as allowing sellers to reach under-bidders with second-chance offers.

While other e-tailing bellwethers, such as Amazon(Nasdaq: AMZN) and Wal-Mart's(NYSE: WMT) walmart.com, have begun to jockey for the peak holiday shopping season, eBay's new ad specifically points out that it's not all about second-hand Pez dispensers. By stressing new items available on the site, it's dolling itself up as a bona fide holiday shopping destination.

With eBay holding true to its aged prediction of achieving $3 billion in revenue by 2005, maybe "My Way" wasn't the best Sinatra cut to butcher. The "New York, New York" references to "king of the hill, top of the heap" are far more appropriate. Even Nancy Sinatra's boots are worth mentioning, since the online auctioneer's been walking all over detractors for nearly six years of its publicly traded life.

Maybe the ad is a little over the top. That's fine. So is eBay's performance.