Just like every Christmas Eve, Santa and his elves are extremely busy at the North Pole today. This has been an unusual year, and as such jolly old Saint Nick is loading up some unusual gifts for tonight's sleigh ride:

Top 10 Gifts Santa's Loading in His Sleigh

10. For Your Broker: You call and ask for help, saying you don't have a clue what to buy.

9. For Alan Greenspan: another 10-year extension of his lease on life.

8. For Martha Stewart: speed dial to her broker.

7. For Bill Gates: gold-plated Monopoly board game.

6. For Ralph Nader: the Democratic National Committee starts taking his phone calls again.

5. For anyone needing good advice: TMF Money Advisor.

4. For Harvey Pitt: a pound of common sense.

3. For Dennis Kozlowski: Mail Fraud Barbie.

2. For Henry Blodget: a limited edition framed copy of The Beatles' "Yesterday."

1. For President Bush: France suddenly invades Iraq out of petulance.