Another dose of Terry Tate and the Pain Train is headed our way, and this time, he's after Nike's(NYSE: NKE) scarf-wearing stadium streaker. Reebok's(NYSE: RBK) hilarious office-rule-enforcing football player, first made famous during a 60-second Super Bowl spot, will blitz us again tonight with a new commercial.

"Terry Tate: Office Linebacker" has quickly become a huge advertising hit for Reebok. People wanting more of the rough-talking, hard-hitting Tate are flocking to Reebok's website in droves, with 1.6 million downloading the first of four short, Web-based flicks starring the fictional linebacker.

Though some polls ranked Anheuser-Busch's(NYSE: BUD) Budweiser horses and zebra-referee commercial as the funniest ad of the Super Bowl, the Reebok spot continues to tickle America's funny bone.

Reebok has found that perfect mix of outrageousness and humor. Who among us doesn't wish we had our own Terry Tate to tackle coworkers occasionally?

In tonight's spot, Tate goes after Nike's Shox NZ-clad streaker, in a thinly veiled spoof of Nike's ad during the NFL playoffs. The pale streaker, wearing but a striped scarf and his tennies, eludes stadium guards and cops, but not Tate, who tackles him and berates him for his behavior.

You can catch the ad tonight during America Idol, when uber-judge Simon Cowell's not berating the poor, hapless souls desiring a shot at stardom. If you can't wait that long, log onto Reebok's website. And for those who just can't get enough, the next four-minute Terry Tate film will debut on the site soon.

And please, please -- don't forget the cover sheets for your TPS reports.

LouAnn Lofton owns shares of Nike.