Ever wonder what the difference is between a "marginal tax rate" and an "effective tax rate"? Wonder no more.

Your marginal tax rate is the rate at which your last and your next dollar of taxable income are taxed. It's not the rate at which all your dollars are taxed. It's the maximum rate you're paying on any of your dollars of taxable income. If you're single, for example, according to the rules at the time of this writing, your marginal tax rate for 2003 would be 0%, 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, or 35%.

Remember that your marginal tax rate only deals with the specific tax on your income. There are other taxes that you may have to pay, such as self-employment taxes, alternative minimum tax, and even penalty taxes on retirement plan distributions. There are also credits that you may benefit from, such as the child tax credit, the dependent care credit, or the education credits.

So, after considering the jumble of other taxes and credits, your marginal tax rate may lose a bit of its relevance. Which is why you'll want to take a peek at your effective tax rate. Your effective tax rate reveals the average rate of taxation for all your dollars. It's your total tax obligation (including your income tax and any other additional taxes and/or credits), divided by your total taxable income.

After all is said and done, it is very likely that your effective tax rate will be higher or lower than your marginal rate.

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